BIO-HC, your pragmatic and scientific partner to guarantee the quality and safety of your products.

A team at your side

BIO-HC, the determination and know-how of an enthusiastic and committed expert team : physician, pharmacist, dermatologist, allergy specialist, biologist, bacteriologist, ophthalmologist, ...




Marc Boué-Grabot -  Doctor of pharmacy
Head of the In-Vitro Department & safety assessor

Brigitte Cathalot - Doctor of Biology and Animal Physiology
Subcontracting Manager

Corinne Fanau - Doctor of Medicine
Head of the In-Vivo Department

Brigitte Halaviat  - Post-graduate specialist diploma in technology
and logistics in Biology and Medicine
Quality Manager

Rachid Ouhabi - Doctor of Biochemistry
Research Engineer

Elvire Sérazin - Master in Health Engineering
Technical and Commercial Affairs

A team of technicians and a beautician


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